Tips to Help You Live With God Again

Living a holy life is not the only way to live with God again. You must repent and practice other principles, such as Gratitude, Scripture memorization, and a life of gratitude. But these principles alone will not get you to the place where God is. You must also be a follower of Christ. The following are tips to help you start living with God again. Read them carefully and apply them to your life.

Living a holy life is not the way to God

The Bible asks many questions about holiness. While God is completely holy, humans are not. While it may seem impossible to be completely perfect, we all sin, and we can never be totally holy. We sin daily, even though we try to lead a holy life. Nevertheless, we must live holy lives if we want to be pleasing to God. Let us examine the Scriptures to determine if living a holy life is possible.

It is natural to crave holiness. To achieve holiness, people must understand that doing what God wants is important. God doesn’t command things just to test us; He demands that we do them for the sake of eternal well-being. Moreover, the world is full of distractions. Trying to savor the pleasures of the world won’t nourish your soul. Therefore, the only way to live a holy life is by seeking God’s help.


In April 2020, general conference speaker Elder Dale G. Renlund spoke on the topic of gratitude and what it means to live with God again. He described how gratitude is about acknowledging the gifts and blessings of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The importance of expressing gratitude is rooted in the principles of humility, equality, and gratitude. But how do we cultivate gratitude? Here are some practical steps that can help.

Expressing gratitude is a catharsis process, which releases strong feelings such as guilt and fear. It also serves as an effective way to convey appreciation to those who have touched our lives. For example, gratitude for a loved one’s possessions or the gifts of friends can be a source of serenity. This type of gratitude can also be expressed to friends and family, and can even be a cathartic experience.


Repentance and living with God again is about putting your life on God’s terms and trusting him for the outcome. In this world, people often put their trust in their own strengths and capabilities, guns and the government, prestige, family heritage, looks, and success. They measure their success and worth by how smart they are, or how much money they make. However, repentance means dying to those desires and trusting God for the outcome.

In some cases, repentance is a gift from God. It may come through the example of a Christian, a book or a television program called Armor of God. Other times, it comes as a chain of events over weeks, months, or years. During such a time, events in the world may trigger an awakening in the soul. But, whether it is a gift from God or an awakening in the human heart, the gift of repentance will come.

Scripture memorization

In order to succeed in scripture memorization for living with God again, it is vital that you use multiple methods to learn it. For example, if you have just learned a new verse, it is beneficial to repeat it several times so that you understand its meaning. If possible, try to read it out loud, as this will improve your memory. Once you’ve memorized a verse, you should incorporate it into your daily prayers.

There are numerous benefits of memorizing Scripture. Besides its importance, it also allows you to meditate on God’s Word wherever you go. You can even think about it as you drive to work or go to bed. By reciting Bible verses throughout your day, you are meditating on God’s Word and connecting with Him. You will find that you are able to live with God more effectively and have a deeper understanding of Him.

Joining a local New Testament church

It is important to remember that attending church is different from eating at a restaurant. We learn practical lessons about God and the importance of serving others. We are not merely supposed to attend a church. God has given us unique spiritual gifts to use in service to others and to His kingdom. We are called to live as stewards, and we are expected to make an account before our Master.

The Bible teaches that the local church is a gathering place where believers should be guided by the leadership of God. The Bible also teaches that the leadership of local churches is accountable for the souls of their members. According to Hebrews 13:17, leaders of local churches are responsible for watching over the souls of the members. They must also lead by example. If a leader is abusive to a church member, the church may be best left alone.